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    We keep your car running newer longer

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    60 Day Service Warranty

    Autofiix offers the best car service experience

    We take pride in offering you the best services available and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
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    Featured & offers

    Starter Package Built for personal
    $ 49 per month
    • Brakes
    • Oil Change
    • Engine Service
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Diagnostics
    • State Inspections
    Essential Package Built for small group
    $ 69 per month
    • Tires, Rotation, & Balancing
    • Transmissions
    • Full Engine Tune-up
    • EFI Service & Repairs
    • Ignition Systems
    • Cylinder Head
    Premium Package Built for large group
    $ 99 per month
    • Engine Rebuild
    • Timing Belt/Chain
    • Diagnostics
    • Engine Replacements
    • Engine Maintenance
    • and Much More
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    All Autofiix workshops are fully equipped with the latest tools and infrastructure along with a highly skilled engineering team catering to all your car maintenance needs.

    To book a car service with Autofiix, all you need to do is share your details on our website, and our customer support team will get in touch with you, immediately. Your car service will get scheduled.

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    Support 24/7.

    (844) 123-209 888

    the best car service

    All car maintenance needs to be fulfilled under one roof

    We have all your car repair and maintenance works covered as our workshops have all the latest tools and equipment. Our engineers and team members are highly trained and efficient professionals who will make your Car working at its optimum state. For all of your car maintenance requirements.

    Industry rated top notch equipment' Genuine spare parts with warrantys

    Fully equipped new age modern car repair workshops having manufacturer recommended latest tools.

    Technology integration for accurate car diagnostics

    Use of complex car diagnostic technology to predict and detect any car issues.

    Offering complete on-demand convenience

    Instant quotes for your car repair Real time work updates Personalised service

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